5 Simple Steps To A Perfect Golf Posture

If you want to become a professional golf player and can't find the perfect posture for yourself then probably your game will not be improving day by day.

Excellent command in golf posture is necessary for accuracy and powerful ball-striking but you don't have to be an athlete for getting a perfect golf posture.

If you are not getting good enough results in golf then you should work on your posture because the better the posture is, the more chances of the growth of ongoing performance.

Similarly, different people will have different natural postures. Your posture will not be good enough in sitting, standing, and driving, etc but after some days of practice, you'll efficiently create a perfect golf posture for yourself.

In this article, we will give you the five simple steps to a perfect golf posture and helps you to improve your game to another level.


Following is the list of five simple steps to improve your golf stance. We will make sure that after reading this, you'll get a bundle of knowledge that helps you to make a grip on golf posture.


This is the most important thing that every golf player should understand that whenever you are holding a golf stick, you must be thinking that you're an athlete. This mindset will provide more confidence to a golf player and helps him in the ball striking.

Golf is an athletic sport bringing many benefits for player's health and that's why we need an athletic mindset to play golf. Some golf players will set their posture in their comfort zone and that posture won't allow them to play like an athlete.

The non-athletic golf players down their knees and shift their body weight to their knees and their hands are almost touching their body. This posture will never allow them to improve their game.

Let me give you the example of a goalkeeper in football. Have you ever seen a goalkeeper in football who down their knees and put all his body weight on his knee? Of course NO, and the reason is that the goalkeeper needs to stand in an athletic position to move left or right in microseconds.

So, the question is raised that what is the perfect posture for golf? Let me give you the example of Australia's athlete Jason Day. If you look at him while playing golf, you can see that his knees are slightly bent allowing his upper body to slightly tilt from his hips. If you draw a line from the back of his right shoulder, you can see that the line touches the front of his knee, which means that he put his body in a stable position to strike the ball with more accuracy and power.


In this step, I want to make everything simple and easy for beginners. You should follow this exercise daily to make a perfect golf posture for yourself. If you are looking for the perfect golf posture for beginners, then the following three exercises will help you.

1) Stand perfectly straight with your feet and put your arms and golf club in front of yourself. (You should keep two things in your mind that your knees should not bend in this stage and your arms and golf stick will form a straight line parallel to the ground).

2) Slightly bend your knees and put your golf stick a little bit down. (Now in this step you should keep one thing in your mind that your knees will not bend more than two or three inches).

3) The third and last step is to allow your upper body to slightly tilt from your hips until your golf stick will touch the ground. 

If you follow these three steps regularly, then you'll be able to get a perfect posture for golf.


Now you'll have a perfect posture for golf then this is time to add perfections in your position too. Normally, there are three types of postures for golfers, C Position, S position, and neutral position.

Golfers with the C position have a rounded back and the golfers with the S position have an excessive tilted back but the golfers with a neutral position lie between the C and S. They did not have a rounded back position and nor have an excessive back position.

There are three types of golf positions, the C position, the S position, and the neutral position. I will recommend which position is best for you in the next step.


The more you practice the more you get the better position for yourself. Normally, I recommend a neutral position because it will not be rounded from the back and neither excessive tilt from the upper body.


When you become a more advanced golf player, you will realize that how important are the fundamentals of golf. So watch your seniors players, learn from it and practice as more as you can and repeat this theory again and again.